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As in all our exam preparation programs, we strive to teach the necessary skills, concepts, strategies, and reasoning skills related to the student's specific test. Prior to starting with a professional tutor, the student meets with the director for brief diagnostic testing. An individualized program is designed that recommends the number of tutoring hours. Students may prepare for the verbal sections, or the math sections, or all sections of a specific test.

The SAT contains a Verbal Test consisting of a Reading Comprehension section (52 Questions in 55 Minutes) and a Language/Writing portion (44 Questions in 35 Minutes), as well as a Math Test consisting of a Calculator section (38 Questions in 55 Minutes) and a Non-Calculator portion (20 Questions in 25 Minutes). The maximum score on each is 800 points, and total maximum attainable score is 1600.

Throughout the program, students are required to do practice tests. Improvement is monitored, and programs modifications are made as needed.

The Essay Test -A student who applies to competitive colleges may choose to do the OPTIONAL Essay Section. The maximum score on this section is 24 points, independent of the total score. The student has 50 minutes to read, analyze, interpret and hand write an essay where he shows how the author uses evidence and word choice to develop his case. 


Reading Comprehension Test

To do well on the Reading Test, the student must be taught to find a happy balance between reading speed and accuracy.

We teach the student to answer Evidence Based, Inferential (what the author implies) and Vocabulary in Context questions taken from literature, social science, and science passages. He/she is also taught how to answer questions based on interpreting information based on visual models such as graphs and charts.

Adelphi SAT Writing Test

Language/Writing Test

Requires the student to organize and revise written text for logic, cohesiveness and standard English. This section also tests the student's knowledge of standard English related to sentence structure, usage and punctuation.

Our students will do practice tests, and then be given additional instruction on the areas of grammar or usage in which they need improvement.

Adelphi Math SAT Test

Math Test

The test emphasizes Algebra (Heart of Algebra), Problem Solving and Data Analysis, and higher level mathematics (Passport to Advanced Math). There are some questions on geometry, trigonometry, statistics and probability.

We will teach the skills, concepts, related problem solving and reasoning relevant to the SAT questions. Recognizing specific types of questions and learning the steps and appropriate strategies to answer those questions are taught. Fluency, often dependent on basic algebraic skills, is emphasized. With some students, it is necessary to review and reinforce more basic skills.

SAT II Subject Area Tests

Students who apply to competitive colleges will consider taking some Subject Area Tests:

Graphic by: Charlotte Alden

Graphic by: Charlotte Alden


If the student has achieved a very high grade in a subject, it is better to take the subject area test at or near the completion of that course. Since SAT Subject Area Tests are given on the same day as the SAT, students should make an appointment with their guidance counselor to plan out their college exam taking schedule.

Students should also find out what Subject Area Tests, if any, the schools to which they plan to apply suggest taking. If the student does well, he may wish to report the scores to the colleges to which he is applying.

The Subject Area Tests are based on the assumption that all students have been taught specific content. There may be variation in the topics covered or emphasized from one school district to another, especially in literature, history and science.

In preparing students for their Subject Area Tests, we at Adelphi will direct the student to take a diagnostic test. Then we will isolate areas that need to be taught, teach the content or skills that the student has not learned, and direct the student to review other the  content areas. We will also familiarize the student with the test format, the nature of the questions asked and the strategies for answering those questions.

SAT U.S. Registration Dates and Deadlines  2018-2019

**Test Date:

August 25, 2018

October 6, 2018

November 3, 2018

December 1, 2018

March 9, 2019

May 4, 2019

June 1, 2019

August 24, 2019* Probable

Registration Deadline:

July 27, 2018

September 7, 2018

October , 20518

November 2, 2018

February 8, 2019

April 5, 2019

May 3, 2019

July 26, 2019

Late Fee Required:

August 7-15, 2018

Sept. 18-26, 2018

Oct. 16-24, 2018

Nov. 13-20, 2018

Feb. 19-27, 2019

April 16-24, 2019

May 14-22, 2019


**Sunday administrations usually occur the day after each Saturday test date for students who cannot test on Saturday because of religious observance. To confirm the test dates or to register on line, visit collegeboard.org or call (866)-756-7346.  Students with special needs should call (609)-771-7137. Sunday administrations usually occur the day after each Saturday test date for students who can not test on Saturday due to religious observance.  SAT Subject Area Tests will not be offered on the March 9 Test Date.  If you take the SAT with the Essay, you will receive the Essay Score after you receive scores for the Math and Evidence-Based Reading and Writing. SAT scores may start being released about two weeks after the test date.  June scores take longer, up to six weeks.