Arthur Poleyeff    Torah Academy, Principal

"I highly recommend Adelphi Educational Services and Mrs. Ronnie Silver for remedial and enrichment tutorial services. Adelphi’s very competent tutors are able to connect with each student, find his strengths and build upon them. The tutors build self confidence and help develop study skills. As a parent whose son was struggling in Biology, I felt confident to seek assistance from Adelphi. I was extremely satisfied with the level of the tutor’s knowledge, his inter-personal skills and ability to connect with my son. As both a principal and parent, I cannot praise Mrs. Ronnie Silver enough. She is totally dedicated to each and every student and his success. She is in touch with me often about how best to teach a specific student. Her generosity, when student families are unable to afford first class tutoring, is inspiring."

Peter Ulrich,          Bergen Catholic,  Former Guidance Director

"With our Guidance Department and members of our administration present, Mrs. Silver made a strong presentation of ninety minutes titled “Challenges Facing Today’s High School Students.” The three-part presentation explained many of the problems and addressed student organizational skills, effective note taking, and using active study strategies. Mrs. Ronnie B. Silver is a very thorough, detailed, and involved presenter who brings many years of varied educational experiences to her work. I would wholeheartedly recommend this presentation to any school looking to improve student achievement."

Gale Mangold and Pam Martorana,          Hills Valley Coalition Co-Coordinators

On behalf of the Hill/Valley Coalition, we would like to thank Adelphi Tutoring for your participation in the Mental Health Resource Fair for Teen Anxiety on the Rise Program.  Your sponsorship of this event helped make it a tremendous success. We appreciate Adelphi Tutoring as a leading educational consulting service and thank you for your leadership and support of our organization and mission.



My sons improved their SAT score [by] 275 points. When your child becomes an Adelphi student, you become part of the family, and they become part of yours. ~ 
Maria Valente, Ridgefield, N.J. 
Mrs. Silver deeply cares, and is committed to the success of her students. Both my boys have gained confidence and skills working with Adelphi. ~ 
Alan Proctor, Monsey N.Y
My daughter’s ability to solve problems, attitude, as well as her confidence in her math abilities dramatically improved. I was very impressed and appreciative that Ronnie got to know my daughter and her interests, and assessed her strengths. Ronnie used this information to develop a personalized program which contributed to successful results. ~
Alina O., Montvale, N.J
The tutors were professional and worked well with Andrew. [He] increased his SAT score by 180 points. They kept things fun and upbeat, while working Andrew to his full potential. ~
Suzanne Romeo, Park Ridge, N.J.
A 230 point increase is quite dramatic. We have no doubt Kate's performance improved because of the fine tutoring from her Adelphi tutors. ~

A.G., Fort Lee, NJ